After an amazing week in October 2018 in London, we were delighted to welcome our guests from Hackney CVS on February 16th 2019 in Amsterdam Southeast for a week filled of creating, exploring, discovering and more! 
It was great to see that the connection and good chemistry between the groups was still there!

As planned, the participants showed the guests around Amsterdam Southeast and also organized energizers for the group.
We went from getting educated by ‘CONNECT’ about soft drugs and recognizing a possible addiction, to ‘Expressing Yourself’ through art/dance/theater and creating beautiful graffiti after a very interesting presentation about the history of Graffiti by Mick La Rock.
At ‘OSCAM’ Ricard Soesanna had informative talks with our participants about talent, fashion and creative entrepreneurship in Amsterdam Southeast.
Our visit to the ‘Bijlmerpark Theater’ and the good and deep conversations about the African diaspora with Kodjo from ‘UNTOLD’ were also considered as a highlight of the week.
Jerry Afriyie talked about Dutch racism, the history of black Pete, the emotions around the event Sinterklaas and how youth should empower themselves. After Jerry’s presentation there were some interesting discussions about the topics!
We visited the beautiful Concert Building in Amsterdam for an interesting and educational presentation by Orville Breeveld. Orville also gave some very useful entrepreneurship-tips while talking to our participants. After the presentation we got a fascinating backstage tour of the whole Concert building.
We want to give a big THANK YOU to the group leaders from both cities: Deji, Beth, Jaydane and Charlotte from Projectpartner Hackney CVS London and Judith from Anansi-swazoom & Nikita from Bonte Kraai-swazoom Amsterdam! 

Also a huge THANK YOU to all the participants of this project!
Project RECONNECT AND REDISCOVER would not have been possible without your input and love! Until the next time!

Read more about this project on our page: RECONNECT AND REDISCOVER 2018-2019.

This project is funded by Erasmusplus.
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YMSO-Erasmusvlag 2 mb.jpg
We closed our project-year 2018 with project Young Men Speak Out!

December 28th 2018 was the last activity day of our youth exchange ‘Young Men Speak Out‘ (against Female Genital Mutilation, FGM) in Amsterdam.
During the first exchange week in London in October 2018, we informed the group about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and during the workshops we discussed and talked about the consequences for woman. We practiced in small groups how to start a conversation/tell the story to friends and family members and took snap-shots while the participants were practicing. These snap-shots were used to create comic conversation-cards to help the participants to begin conversations about FGM with their friends, family and community.
During the second exchange week our participants applied the learned conversation-methods while using the comic cards to start conversations with other youngsters during ‘Indoor Soccer Tournament HIRDA AFT Winter Cup 2018′ in Amsterdam. We were honored to meet and interview Mayor Abdirahman O. Osman of Mogadishu (capital of Somalia) who was also attending the Soccer Tournement. We handed over the conversation cards to the Mayor and talked about our project YMSO, empowering the Somalian youth and about (FGM) in the Somalian community. 

Below you can see the comic conversation cards we made during the project. Please download and use them to start your own conversation about FGM!

Converstion card2-1,2 mb.jpgConverstion card1-1,2 mb.jpg

Converstion card4-1,2 mb.jpg

 Converstion card3-1,2 mb.jpgWe are proud to have been able to work with our partner the UBELE Initiative and project-guiders HIRDA Amsterdam, FORWARD UK and Jubba Youth from the UK. 
We are even more proud of the young men who participated in this project. They were able to question the myth and opinions on FGM which affects millions of young girls. FGM is practiced in more than 29 countries across Africa, parts of the middle east, South east Asia and countries where migrants from FGM affected communities live.
Our young men are against FGM and will carry this message out in their communities. Change starts with them!

We hope to be able to continue this project with other young men and other organizations in Europe.

Read more about this project on our project page: YOUNG MEN SPEAK OUT.

This project is funded by Erasmusplus.
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#youth-work with #impact #aim for change have effect in #communities #makeadifference

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