Generation of Love  

October 2019 until April 2020

In October 2019 we, Stichting Interlock, Youththeaterschool Southeast and Peckham Theater, will start with our youth exchange 'GENERATION OF LOVE'.

The participants of 'GENERATION OF LOVE' are youngsters (age 15 
to 18 years old) from Youththeater-school Southeast and Peckham Theatre from London.

With 12 participants from each city, we will experience culture in both cities, undertake fun trips and make
theater together!

Our first exchange trip (week) will be to London from October 19 until 
the 25th and for our second exchange in February 2020 we will welcome the group from Peckham 

Theatre in Amsterdam Southeast.


Our exchange activities in Amsterdam Southeast are organized in Bijlmer Park Theater and at location Heesterveld Creative community. 

Our exchange activities in London are facilitated at Peckham Theater in London.

During the exchange weeks our participants will explore each other's hot-spots and visit the necessary tourist attractions in the cities. 

The group will also organize a culinary evening and of course theater will be made together! 

Together they will work on a theater piece with the theme 'LOVE'. 

With theater as a means we will work with the participants on their self-confidence, entrepreneurship and how to deal with discrimination and/or racism in daily life. 

We will encourage o
ur participants to work in mixed groups (UK / NL) as much as possible to create mixed interactions during our workshops/ exchange program. 

'GENERATION OF LOVE' is financed by Erasmusplus Youth, Erasmusplus NL. 

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Children learn to consciously observe the culture around them and to use their own imagination to express themselves. They learn to see the connections and coherence between the different disciplines and learn to use different techniques to express themselves and explore the world around them. Last but not least, they learn to share their art and cultural experiences with each other and enjoy it. 

The mission of the school with the cultural, social and economic values is: Jeugdtheaterschool Zuidoost (JTSZO) stands for the personal development of children up to the age of 19 in Amsterdam Southeast. (values: passion, enrichment, inspiration, quality and accessible) in the field of theater and dance (value: multidisciplinary) with attention to talent development, playing pleasure and social skills. (values: quality, enrichment, inspiration, collaboration, flexible and professional).

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A Learning Theatre, where inspirational artists meet aspirational young people. Home to world class creative learning and performance, with and by young people from the diverse communities of South London. 

Theatre Peckham aims to inspire young people from all its diverse local communities to engage with the performing arts as audiences, participants and artists. A local venue with a world view, Theatre Peckham is driven by the cultural diversity and the creative mix of Peckham and its young people. 

We provide routes into the performing arts for disadvantaged young people and a safe space to explore, take risks and negotiate their way in a changing world. We are a charity, providing a platform for vibrant young voices to be heard, grow in confidence and take a voyage of discovery, and proud to be part of South London in all its complexity and vibrancy. 

Stichting Interlock

Jeugd Theaterschool Amsterdam-Zuidoost

Peckham Theatre

Funded by 
Erasmusplus NL