Reconnect and Rediscover   

August 2018 until April 2019

We  have started with our youth exchange program RECONNECT AND REDISCOVER in August 2018! We will run this program together with our English partner Hackney CVS from London. 

The objective of this project is to let young people from Amsterdam and London explore their heritage and talents.

Participating in project Reconnect and Rediscover are 10 participants and three group leaders from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and 10 participants and three group leaders from London, The United Kingdom. 

Our participants are young African diaspora adults between the ages of 18 and 25.

Project Reconnect and Rediscover will have impact on how the participants look at their own environment, their cultural heritage and how they see the world they live in. 

They will learn how to use their own talents in helping others and how to use their talents in creating social projects within their own community and abroad.

By exposing the participants to the experiences in this project we expect a change in their employ-ability and improve their career prospects. 

Confidence in yourself in who you are and the comfort of being able to be yourself in a range of circumstances will improve the ability of these young adults. 

As well as enabling the development of the young person’s self-understanding our project will offer a space where the participants will be able to develop other types of skills, which in turn will add to their self-esteem. 

This will include areas such as presentation-, leadership- and teamwork skills. 

Each young adult will be provided with an opportunity and the support to shine in the group. 

By working on the theme cultural heritage the participants will explore their parent(s) and grandparents journey. 

They will explore and deepen their knowledge of their culture heritage. 

Thereby discussing how it combines with their European and worldview. How do you strengthen yourself with that knowledge? During our project we will work with the participants how to develop a social action project. 

- What is needed for such a project? - What expertise do you need? 
- How do you get that expertise? 
- How do you share expertise without being "the one that knows it all"? 
- How does one find funding for such a project? 

Project Reconnect and Rediscover will start with an introduction workshop containing group dynamics activities and awareness games to stimulate intercultural dialogue. This causes the breakthrough of barriers to language and culture. By presenting themselves to the group, the self-assurance of the group is encouraged. 

We will give participants the space to ask questions and learn from this with regard to the culture and the world of life. Interacting with each other involves both the use of personal and social skills.  

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